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      "Take charge of him, Corporal," commanded the Lieutenant. "Put him in the guard-house till tomorrow, when we'll drum him out of camp, with his partner, who is running that store.""Yes, they called him a Lieutenant. He spoke very bossy and cross to me, and hit my jug a welt with his sword. He broke it, and what do you suppose was in it?"

      "I'm going to find him if I can."

      Shorty understood it at once. He jerked Tingle forward into Si's strong clutch, and then walked toward the cabin, singing out angrily:

      must be pertected, and the bully Stars and Strips mustCorveth said: "That is all Miss Broome had to tell you, sir."

      "Good God!" exclaimed Judge Stockman,

      In the almighty hush that followed the billows of sound, some sweet-voiced fellow started Annie Laurie, and then sang


      "Halt, who comes there?" called out Shorty, whose quick ears caught the sound of approaching footsteps.


      "We'll come to it soon," said Si.