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      The two men stood looking at each other as two men meeting, perfect strangers and in such a place, must necessarily look; and though neither touched his revolver, each was ready to draw and fire.

      A mounted officer galloped into the driveway, a private soldier followed, and the private was her brother. Now they came close. The leader dismounted, passed his rein to Charlie and sprang up the veranda steps. Flora shrank softly from the window and at the same moment Anna re?ntered gayly, showing a glitter of values twice all expectation:

      My dear girl, she said, you will be worrying Cerises life out of her for more before many weeks have passed.[71] Why, those two ball-dresses you will not be able to wear more than twice.

      And who is that next to him, the thin young man with the long hair? asked Esmeralda.

      For as though in reply, approaching from behind the house as if already the producer had nearly made its circuit, there sounded close under the balustrade the walking of a horse. God grant no other ear had noted it! Now just beneath the window it ceased. Hilary Kincaid! She could not see, but as sure as sight she knew. Her warrior, her knight, her emperor now at last, utterly and forever, she his, he hers, yet the last moment of opportunity flitting by and she here helpless to speak the one word of surrender and possession. Again she shrank and trembled. Something had dropped in at the window. There it lay, small and dark, on the floor. She snatched it up. Its scant tie of ribbon, her touch told her, was a bit of the one she had that other time thrown down to him, and the thing it tied and that looked so black in the dusk was a red, red rose.And I say againyou lie! said Varley. Esmeralda came to Three Star to claim my protection from the man who had married her and betrayed her. Stopdo not speak! It is my call, I believe. I have wanted to meet you very badly, my lord duke. I have had something on my mind that I wanted to say to you, and Providence has granted my wish. You will have to listen to what I have to say. My childhis cool, almost nonchalant voice very nearly brokeEsmeralda, left me and the people among whom she had been brought up, and who loved her, in a way that you could scarcely understand, a happy, light-hearted girl. She went to England and met you and your kind, and you took advantage of her innocence and her ignorance of your world, and tricked and trapped her as we over here trick and entrap some wild and helpless bird. You married her for her money; you cared nothing for her. No doubt you made a jest of your success and laughed among yourselves. Having[322] got possession of her money, you lost no time in breaking her heart.


      "Now, if necessary."I thought youd like to be dressed in good time, my lady, so that you can go down to the drawing-room before the party arrives. Of course, youll wear white velvet with the diamonds and sapphires?


      Between Trafford and Varley a very deep friendship ensued. Love of Esmeralda was common to both, and now Varley understood how passionately Trafford loved her, all traces of Varleys animosity against him disappeared."Ah, Miss Anna, you--"


      Is the door closed, Norman? Do you think they can hear us in the drawing-room? You really should be careful, sir.So I have come back, Varley, she said, and I want you to help me to forget allall that has happened; to take me as your little girl again, to be Esmeralda of Three Star once more. I think the boys will be glad to have me back, wont they?