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      Riever ground his teeth secretly. "How can you be sure?" he said with a great air of solicitude.

      "Preposterous!" he cried. "You know I have no such sum to fritter away!"

      "You ain't answerin' my question," said Shorty coolly and inexorably. "I asked you how you preferred to be shot. These other things you mention hain't nothin' to do with my question.""He returned to the orchard when the work was done. He then had a small can of coal oil. His laborer ventured to remonstrate with him on the danger of making so great a fire, but his master curtly replied that he knew what he was about. He sent the laborer on an errand to a distant part of the estate, saying that he would remain to watch the fire. The laborer after his rebuke, with a natural hope perhaps that the fire would get beyond his master, concealed himself behind some shrubbery at a little distance and watched.


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      The crisis soon passed, however, and the morning found Shorty bright and cheerful, though weak.


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