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      "Of course not," replied Dick, coloring and laughing. "Doctor Remy will find out that Den sviges vaerst, som sviger sig selv,He is worse cheated who cheats himself. But," he added, with a quick change of countenance, "he must have found it out already.""Is that really so? Was my long absence your greatest trouble?"

      Trafford looked round with a smile of satisfaction and anticipation.

      I know, said Lord Trafford again, sadly."Thank Heaven! I should have been miserable if you had doubted or disliked him. He is to be my husband some day, Isa, if Martin approvebut not for a year, at least. Tell me, dear, are you glad?"

      "I fancy she would take it more as a compliment if the invitation went straight from you. She would know that I would be glad to have her, but she might feel a little doubtful about you."

      "No, no! I was not dreaming. I have not been asleep. He was there. I saw him as plainly as I see you. He pushed the door a little further open and looked in at me. I saw his face in the lamplight, very pale."


      Yes; the girl I introduced you to. You must admit that she is beautiful enough



      Esmeralda looked at him indignantly, and opened her lips; but Varley cut in before she could utter an indignant protest.