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      Ladies always want to be helped by their maid, miss, she said. I dont suppose you could hook it properly.

      Isola clung with her arms round the bride's neck.


      "Innumerable stories. I should have to ransack the Record Office for some of them, and to draw upon a very bad memory to a perilous extent for others."

      Let me look, she said.

      "I am so tired of this place," she said piteously. "It is lovely; but it is a loveliness that makes me melancholy. I want to be in a great city where there are lots of people moving about. I have never lived in a city, but always in quiet placesbeautiful, very beautiful, but so stillso stillso full of one's self and one's own thoughts."


      "Well, we will take Allegra, and the boy, whose railway ticket will cost nothing, and his nurse. There is a shot in the locker still, Isa, in spite of last year's building operations, which cost a good deal more than I expected. We will all migrate together. Consider that settled. The only question that remains is the direction in which we shall go. Shall we make for the Pyrenees or the Maritime Alps? Shall we go to Pau, and Biarritz, or to the Riviera, Hyres, Cannes, Nice?"



      "Do I really adore you? Yes, dear love. With all my power of adoration."